Delivery options

Inhalation device options for COPD medication administration 

Commonly used inhalation devices for COPD medication administration are metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), dry-powder inhalers (DPIs), slow-mist inhalers (SMIs), and nebulizers.1-8

Metered-dose Inhaler

  • Aerosolized by compressed HFA
  • Coordination of breathing and actuation required
  • No drug preparation; device shaking required
  • Administered in 1-2 breaths

HFA, hydrofluoroalkane.



Slow-mist Inhaler

  • Aerosolized by spring mechanism
  • Requires specific breathing technique 
  • Multiple steps for setup and maintenance
  • Administration in 1-2 breaths



Dry-powder Inhaler

  • Aerosolized by patient inspiratory flow
  • Breath-actuated
  • May require loading of capsule
  • Administration in 1-2 breaths






Jet Nebulizer

  • Aerosolized by high-velocity air stream
  • Tidal breathing
  • Multiple steps for setup and maintenance
  • Administration time up to 20 minutes




Vibrating Membrane/Mesh Nebulizer

  • Aerosolized through vibrating perforated material
  • Tidal breathing
  • Multiple steps for setup and maintenance
  • Administration time less than 5 minutes




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