Optimizing health care delivery utilizing the Quadruple Aim framework1,2

Successful implementation of Triple Aim can support organizations in care coordination while meeting cost-management goals. Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) components that support fulfillment include1:

  • Focus on individuals and families
  • Population health management
  • Redesign of primary care services and structures
  • System integration and execution
  • Cost-control platform

Stepping up to Quadruple Aim

In recent years, a fourth aim has been suggested by many to improve overall care, with the well-being of the health care professionals seen as a prerequisite to meeting the goals of Triple Aim. Physician burnout is seen as an impediment to high-quality care and is associated with poor adherence and worse clinical outcomes. Addressing the needs of clinicians and staff is crucial to attaining the goals of better health for populations, improving the experience of care, and lowering the per capita cost of care.2



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